Have a large-scale launch? Here are 4 industry tips on how to get started

large scale launch of intranet

You’re a large-scale enterprise with hundreds of thousands of employees who need a better, modern intranet, and you’re understandably overwhelmed. Where to begin?

We work with our customers to help launch their large-scale intranet software on a daily basis and ensure every need and step is supported to ensure their success. From our experience and the feedback from our large brand customers, here are our top tips to a triumphant launch.

Elect Content Captains

Successful intranets have Content Captains representing their respective teams, departments, even offices, who in turn build a team of contributors of their own and moderate those contributions. Creating a clear strategy of shareable content, such as policies, mandatory reads, company memos, and even localised information, assists the Content Captains and keeps your intranet fresher than hiking Matterhorn in a winter storm.

Brainstorm with your Content Captains to encourage people with incentives to log in and interact. Here are a few ideas that have worked wondrously for many global brands:

  • Countdown to events such as Doughnut Day, or company field trips
  • Themed months and interviews with employees connected to that theme
  • Company lotteries or bingo where people can win tickets or gift cards
  • Weekly news roundups that highlight the most popular news of the week

Clearly defined roles keep your people on task and responsible for what they produce and how often. You’ll see accountability and crisp content with the added bonus of happy employees.

A viral launch is an efficient launch

A natural thought is to roll out your intranet one office at a time. However, with a rock-solid strategy based on tried-and-tested methods from our larger customers, we highly recommend launching virally.

So, what is a viral launch? It works like this:

At the beginning of your intranet planning, a small, delegated intranet team receives training directly from Oak’s own academy.

They, on returning to their respective offices train the newly elected departmental Content Captains.

Who, in turn, return to their respective teams and pass on their knowledge.

Who then train incoming employees.

And, so on for infinity.

You save time and money. Your workforce is engaged and connected at the same time, and when employees feel engaged, they’re likelier to be passionate about their company, become brand ambassadors, provide exemplary customer service and contribute to the success of the business.

Direction and accountability

Two topics that come up a lot from customers are how to keep the direction and accountability in line with company ethos. They are absolutely valid concerns and vital to the continued success of your intranet. We go a bit more in depth about these two essential subjects:


It’s important for Content Captains to know what is required of them. Help them and contributors understand what expected of them and what is appropriate.

Provide guides on how to write for the web. Tone, voice, spelling and grammar should be consistent and appropriate. This usually reflects your company’s own brand and voice guidelines.

Have Content Captains develop a schedule for when content is published. It would then come down to the Content Captains to decide who among their department is assigned certain tasks, and enable them to meet content creation goals.

Enable a forum or survey for employees to leave anonymous feedback on what can be improved, what they’d like to see, and add on any complaints they might have. Keeping this line open, allows your intranet to evolve positively and makes your employees feel as if they have some input into what they see.



The beauty of Intranet is that it’s never anonymous, unlike its dubious cousin Internet who has a thousand-yard stare and an eye twitch.

There is constant visible ownership. For anyone to communicate, they must be registered with their real name, linked to a profile and backed by a signed policy promising to play nice. They are identified clearly while contributing, doesn’t matter if it’s their own blog or submitting a policy, and any modifications, editing or publishing has their name on it. As people like to keep their jobs and maintain their reputation, they tend to self-moderate, be more well-rounded and responsible when posting.

Still, there are two ways of approaching accountability – chain of command and trust. Neither is right or wrong, it just depends on the organisation of your company and what works best for you.


It’s your employees who will see to the success of the new intranet, and making sure they’re taken care of and engaged will ensure active usage. With the help of Content Captains, employees will find engaging on the company intranet be a fulfilling activity instead of an obligation. A rich office culture that actively encourages engagement on all levels, and is supported by an exciting intranet to cater to employees needs, can also result in happier employees.

Here are a few tips to encourage active collaboration and connection:

  • Organise social or project hubs where people can create communities based on shared interests, collaborate on projects across departments and external clients.
  • Just to highlight the importance of hubs as an invaluable resource, especially in planning projects, your employees are able to invite external clients and freelancers into a hub made expressly for their project while still keeping your intranet secure.
  • With a social intranet, your people can produce personal blogs and stay on target for company-based blogs. It’s also super easy to comment, like, and message colleagues instantly which is great for engagement.

By investing in your employees, your people have become part of the conversation, and we’re there for you every step of the way to a successful intranet launch and beyond.

To find out more about how you can keep content fresh on your intranet, contact us for more information or book a demo. We’re happy to help.

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